Product Description

1951 Sunbeam S8 in black for sale. I bought this bike from a friends estate in early 2016. He has owned the bike since 2003 so I’ve known the bike for 15 years. I bought it for my 72 year old mother to ride, but after a hip op it is too heavy for her!

The bike is in generally excellent condition and comes with 2 ring binders of information, receipts, history etc and I have the V5 in my name. It is an older restoration, and is running 12v electrics, twin spark coil and indicators. Other than that the bike is standard. It is fitted with chrome rims, there is slight pitting in places and the paint has the odd mark, chip etc as it has been used!

I have fitted a new alternator rotor and stator since I’ve owned it, other than that just basic service items are all it has had done.

There is a video of it running and with a walkaround here: