Product Description

Digital download of the map running 29psi boost and the following engine spec:

Early 12 point crank sensor

Cam sensor on right hand cam only

Turbosmart 50mm wastegate with boost control solenoid

Toyota COP

850cc injectors

43psi base fuel pressure

Bosch type knock sensors

Haltech 12 position switch for boost control

Launch control mapped to a switched input

8.5:1 Compression ratio

Two thermofans

two staged fuel pumps

Download, then change the filename from “.pdf” to “.e2000-231”

Use at your own risk, every engine is different and it would be advised to start off at wastegate boost only, and wind back the ignition timing especially above 7psi boost, and slowly work up!  Patience and skill required to adjust this map to suit any other application.  This is a purchase only, it does not imply free ongoing tech support and advice on how to tune/adjust this map or any other map in your application.  This is a single use / single user licence agreement.  Any sharing would be subject to a commercial arrangement where Scottparts (Concept 5 North Ltd) would be entitled to 90% of the commercial retail sale value of any onward selling or copying.  Copies would be valued at £200 each.  Modification of this map is still considered as being the original map in terms of rights and licencing.